Getting your hair colored at the salon is so expensive, especially when it’s long and multi-colored like highlights or even ombre. It looks perfect for the first 2-3 weeks but eventually starts fading and it feels like your money is going down the drain every time you shower. Making the color last as long as possible can be as easy as buying the right shampoo and following a few easy tips. Keep reading for more.


1. Sulfate-free shampoo is essential to keeping your hair coloring looking vibrant as sulfate strips your hair every time you wash. Always look for products without this harmful ingredient.

2. Deep condition. It protects your hair and nourishes it. We like Shiseido’s Intensive Treatment Hair Mask.

3. Hair SPF. Yes, it does exist. You protect your face so why not your hair? Believe it or not your hair also tans and hair SPF for daily use if you’re out a lot is essential.

Follow these easy tips to make your hair color last longer and look more vibrant.