Inclusivity is a big trend these days. Including men and women of all different shapes, sizes, and backgrounds are being the social norm and fashion and beauty industries are starting to take notice. But one group has been continually underrepresented in the media until now.

The transgender community lived in the shadows for a long time. Sure, trans people were always a thing but, it wasn’t until Laverne Cox from Orange Is The New Black hit the big screen, that people really started to take notice of the trans movement. As part of this movement, #transisbeautiful was created to not only bring awareness but also bring acceptance and inclusivity to trans men and women everywhere.

(Photo Source: indyamoore.org)

To celebrate the movement, photographer Amanda Picotte conducted a photoshoot as part of the RealCatWalk fashion show, a show that represents and supports all facets of the LGBT community. The shoot depicts beauty trans men and women in a variety of fun, vibrant, and downright stunning poses.

#Transisbeautiful is about showcasing the beauty of not only being trans but in being who you are and the confidence that comes from loving yourself.