Washing your face is something you probably do at least once a day and seems like a relatively easy task. You lather up, massage, and rinse. Easy, no?

Actually, no. Washing your face needs the same special attention you give your face like when you apply a moisturizer or when you exfoliate. There’s a special technique to getting rid of dirt off of your face and we can tell you how.


Applying the cleanser. The beauty world is loving cleansing balms at the moment and the girls at Chic are too. Take a bit of your cleansing balm and warm it in between your fingers and then massage into the skin. If you’re using a regular cleanser, dampen your face first.

Removing dirt. After you’ve applied the cleanser to your skin, remove impurities by massaging the product into the skin in circular and outward motions. Apply gentle pressure to really get into the pores.

If possible, use a cleansing cloth. Many cleansing balms come with a muslin cloth but just because you use a regular cleanser doesn’t mean you can’t use it too. In warm water, soak the cloth, wring out excess water, and let the cloth sit on your face for about 10~15 seconds. The steam coming out of the cloth will help to clean out your pores leaving your face super clean.

Rinse. When rinsing your face, use cool water. By doing this, you’ll be closing your pores after opening them up with the steam from the cloth.

(Cover image: Eve Lom)