(Photo Credit: Pietro D’Aprano/Getty Images)

The dark lip is taking over the runway

While the primary focus behind fashion month is the clothes, the often-under-noticed beauty and hair decisions made by creative directors are often just as telling for what’s to come the following season in each perspective category. And one show gave us a makeup look we can actually try out now instead of waiting for the pastel pallets of spring and summer.

The Milan Max Mara show featured deep indigo and dark purple lips accompanying neutrals and faded pastel outfits, and you can absolutely make that happen this season. The ultra-dark lip is a bold choice, but the perfect way to add a sort of newness to a classic fall outfit, like a camel trench coat, black sweater, and jeans.

(Photo Source: wonderfuldiy.com)

The daring lip allows you to tone down other areas of makeup as well, seen on the Max Mara models; their eyes are simple, and they appear to only be wearing a base layer of tinted makeup. No need for contouring, blush, or eyeliner with lips like this.

They also happen to be incredibly festive for the month of October but will transition nicely into the winter months as well. My biggest piece of advice is finding one that doesn’t rub off easily onto your teeth!