By now, you probably already the importance of sunscreen because it’s constantly being reminded whether it’s on tv, the radio, online, or because we keep mentioning it. Nobody will stay physically young forever and sunscreen definitely helps slow down the aging process along with preventing skin cancer so if you haven’t started slathering that youth-in-a-bottle, you might want to.

For those of you who are applying sunscreen, you still may be doing it wrong. Did you know some parts of your body are thinner than others and therefore need more protection? Yes, you’re already helping your skin by applying sunscreen but certain parts need a higher number of protection than others. See what parts you may want to start using another sunscreen on.


Eyes. Your face has thinner skin in general and you need an SPF of 30 at least but the skin under your eyes is a lot thinner. Anything higher than what you use on the rest of your face will suffice. For reference, if you’re using SPF 35 on your face, use an SPF 40 or higher under your eyes.

Neck and décolleté. You can always tell a woman’s age by the firmness of her neck and chest area. Most women concentrate so much on their face that they end up forgetting about the thin skin right underneath it. Just like your face, a minimum of SPF 30 is good protection.

Tops of the hands. This is another spot that gives away age and is almost always forgotten. If you take your pointer and middle finger and massage the top of your free hand, you can easily feel your bones and veins so that’s a good indicator of how thin that particular skin is. It tends to get a lot of sun because you do everything with your hands so don’t forget to apply some of your facial SPF to that area.

Tops of the feet. Just like the hands, the feet have the same type of thin skin and easily burns. The same rule as your face applies: low SPF if you will seldom step outside and high SPF if you’re performing outdoor activities.
Don’t forget these tips next time you step outside to soak in some sun!