It really is the age of ‘camp’ when one of the most unforgiving styles of the 90s is making a comeback. It looks like baggy denim is the newest street trend, and it has celeb approval.

Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber, and Chrissy Teigan and just a few names on the list that have caught in baggy jeans. While each celeb puts there own spin on trend, the common thread is that the denim is all distressed and light washed… or stone wash as I should appropriately say.

If you’re ready to trade in the skinnys for a 90s jean, pair the baggy denim with a chic, form fitting top, like a turtle neck or body suit in a solid color transforming the denim into the statement piece of the outfit. Rita Ora did it best, pairing her distressed baggy denim with a sleeveless white button down.

Fashion culture has been obsessed with 90s minimalism for quite a while now. It finally appears as if the trend is evolving and exploiting the mainstream to a few of the fashion subcultures of the era, including grunge which the baggy denim would fall right into. Let’s not forget that Marc Jacobs just re-released a 25 anniversary capsule collection of his opus collection.