Lab-grown leather could be the future of vegan fabric

The fashion industry is changing for the better and looking for more eco-conscious solutions for the second-most wasteful industry in the world. One bioengineering lab startup, Modern Meadow, created a vegan, lab-grown leather with an innovative process.

The secret being this innovation is the use of biofabricated materials that are made using microbe cells and produces collagen that is the main component of skin. Utilizing these materials in a unique process creates a vegan alternative leather that can be produced in labs.

The biofabricated leather is made in a lab and takes two weeks to develop a piece of leather. It’s unclear when full-scale production of this new type of leather can be sustainable or will be available for commercial use, but this development has a lot of potentials to drive eco-conscious changes in the fashion industry.

Modern Meadow disclosed there is a huge demand from brands and designers looking for vegan alternatives for leather material. More fashion luxury brands have banned further production of products featuring animal products such as Chanel and Prada.