No matter what time of the year it is, beach weddings are always beautiful. With the late summer coming to an end and fall beginning, it’s a perfect time to have a beach bride wedding. Some of the hottest trends are absolutely beautiful, and you will probably want to change up your wedding plans just because of it!

First is embroidery. It’s everything because it looks beautiful on slim shapes and gossamer tulle fabrics. Beach weddings are never over the top, and with an embroidery type dress, it will feel very chic and cute.

Shift dresses are also chic, especially with high necklines, but sleeveless. It’s always great during a beach wedding to embrace soft colors, because they really draw in with the tide and theme.

You can also try out bold colors if you feel daring, but when you are deciding on a color you should always choose hues that match your setting.

Another perfect style dress for a beach wedding is off the shoulder ball gowns, because they’re totally the new strapless take over! This look gives lingerie vibes with full coverage and are also stunning. You can go sheer without looking super revealing and the more tulle, the better.

Finally, plunging necklines are everything because they make full length gowns feel super beachy and breezy. And if your super brave, you could opt for a swimsuit … just kidding! But whatever dress you go with, love it for its chic!