When Isabella Springmuhl was rejected by two fashion schools in her native country Guatemala due to Down Syndrome, the school authorities probably had no idea she was being inspired to do greater things. The 21-year-old who started designing outfits for her dolls from a very young age is changing the fashion world with her vibrant designs.

She is reportedly the first fashion designer with Down Syndrome, skilled in knitting, sewing and design Isabella started a fashion label with the name Down with Xjabella coined from her Down Syndrome condition and Xjabella inherited from her maternal grandmother who was also a fashion designer.

She has had so many achievements since her debut, from sitting interviews at leading TV stations to making BBC’s 100 women list, selling out at her country’s Museo Ixchel and having her collection showcased at the London Fashion Week. Isabella mixes contemporary with traditional in her designs by their very fresh cut but heavily embroidered designs used to make ponchos, dresses, purses, and accessories.

Her fabrics are sourced from Antigua, Guatemala made by local Mayan artisans and helps to support the local community. Apart from staying true to her roots, another feature of her brand is her effort at making clothes for people with Down Syndrome.

Due to their condition, people with Down Syndrome might have a problem with finding fashionable clothes with the right fit due to their short necks and torsos as said by Isabella. Her brand makes cloth specially for people with Down Syndrome for a perfect fit while looking glamorous.

In an interview she says that she focuses on Hispanic Americans and talks about her challenges and success through the fashion industry. She has been an inspiration all over the world for her social conscious designs with a unique price attraction which she sells on her website.