Meet the new “it” product of the moment: the CC cushion compact. Like it’s BB cream counterpart, it hails to us from Korea and has been a beauty favorite for them for 2 years already. Korean brand IOPE introduced this new concept of a makeup base back in 2008 (which still remains the # 1 selling CC cushion in that country) but the trend has only taken off in the past couple of years and arrived to the US only recently.

The CC cushion compact is a lot simpler than it seems but really changes how you’re used to doing your makeup. The compact contains a sponge inside that is drenched in CC cream and comes with a separate sponge for application. This sponge picks up the product and the more you push down, the more product it absorbs. It’s quick and convenient and if you’re always in a hurry, you can take it with on the go.

Aside from convenience, the CC cushion has a few extra perks that skincare fanatics will love: anti-ageing, high SPF numbers, skin brightening effects, moisturizing, and even cooling effects for those hot summer days. Depending on the product, it could have ingredients like mineral clay water and essence to provide extra moisture. Needless to say, this is for those women who either need extra moisture on their skin or love a dewy finish.

The only downside that this product has is that the color selection, like most BB and CC creams, is extremely limited. For the most part, there are only 4 colors to choose from and don’t cater to deep skin tones as of yet but with the rising popularity of this product, more colors are sure to be on their way.

Curious to try the CC cushion compact? Try this beauty trend from trusted brands like Amore Pacific and Laneige, sold at Sephora and Target, respectively, to get the true beauty experience.

(Image courtesy of AMORE PACIFIC)