Have you ever seen a picture of Beyoncé where she doesn’t look flawless? Me neither. So when it comes to doing Queen B’s makeup, it’s all about enhancing that natural beauty. Sir John has worked with Beyoncé for many years, and now he’s revealing some of his best tips and tricks:

1. Layer Moisturizer Under Foundation

“I prefer to apply foundation on wet [freshly-moisturized] skin, because once your moisturizer dries, the foundation adheres to your skin in a really organic way,” Sir John says. L’Oréal Paris Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care is one of his favs.

2. Ditch the Foundation Brush

“I like to apply foundation in two separate ways,” Sir John says. “I like using a wet BeautyBlender, but also a big, fluffy blush brush. I don’t use foundation brushes because I feel like the application doesn’t look as seamless.”

3. It’s All About the Layers

Layer cream and powder products to get the most wear out of the makeup. “This duality creates a Teflon face. Even if you’re using brow pencils, they’re oily and waxy and will become shiny by lunchtime, so always set that product with powder.”

4. Don’t Use Too Much Concealer

“There are two kinds of concealer you should have,” Sir John says. “One concealer for blemishes, which should be spot-on to your complexion, then one for brightening and elevating your bone structure. I take the concealer and do a dots situation under the eye — one, two, three, four dots. On Instagram, the first thing people do is slather it everywhere, but I cringe when I see that. You don’t need that much product.”