Brown eyes and blonde hair is a beautiful combination of physical attributes to have. Some of Hollywood’s most famous women also have the lovely combo: Brittney Spears, Whitney Port, and Nicole Richie (when her hair isn’t blue) so there’s plenty of inspiration to choose from. The golden combination of blonde locks and brown eyes makes this look enviable as not too many changes need to be made with the changing seasons so you’ve lucked out if this is you.

If you want some makeup tips to get the most out of blonde hair and brown eyes, give these tips a try.

Always define your brows. You hair color will be at a constant battle with your eye color because the brown overpowers the blonde. Never skip out on defining your brows in an ashy color so it’s still darker than your hair color but in a different undertone than your brown eyes.

Contouring is your best friend. When you have blonde hair, your face is surrounded by light. When there’s too much light, imperfections are brought forward and your face will have no dimension. Using a contour or bronzing powder will help define your features as well as making you look less washed-out if you are on the paler side.

Warm up your face. Blondes can look drained easily so wear colors on your lips and cheeks that are peachy or peachy-pink. These colors aren’t terribly red so they look more natural and work great with your hair color.

Don’t forget the mascara. For the same reasons as why you need to define your brows, your lashes, top and bottom, need at least a coat of mascara. Your lashes can be almost non-existent when they’re that close to a dark color so don’t skip out on this step.

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(Cover image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)