(Photo Credit: Chanel)

How to pull off this dark lip trend with style

We suspect you’ve mastered the art of applying the killer red lipstick that has, surely, given you that perfect, sultry pout that can take you places and create wonders. Also, it’s simply smokin’ hot.

Now, what about the not-so-common-yet-super-trendy-and-highly-desirable black lips?

We know you’ve at least thought about it. Especially after seeing it time and time again on the Spring 2020 runway shows, making the looks ooze with the darkish (obvi!) delectability and a dose of sophisticated chutzpah that’s way too tempting not to give a try.

Here’s everything you need to know – and do – in order to achieve and pull off the noir mouth look of your dreams:

1. It’s In The Shade

What this really comes down to is the reaction you’re going for and the amount of attention you’re willing to take on. A huge factor, naturally, is your skin tone: the paler it is, the more intense and extreme the dark lips will look. The darker shades – from the inky mattes to the more subtle ones, such as the color of vino (so, super dark red bordering on black) is very universally flattering and work on any skin tone. We suggest you test out a few shades and then match the level of intensity with the level of wow-ness you wish to exude.

2. Prep: Exfoliate and Moisturize

The dark color requires an absolutely smooth and even surface onto which to adhere to and do its magic properly. Ensure you’ve done some gentle exfoliating of your lips, to get rid of unwanted flakes and then, apply a rich balm to condition them. Let it sit and soak for a few minutes and then gently wipe off any residue before you start the actual color application.

3. The Application: Precision Is Key

You’re best off with a fine-tipped lip brush as your trusty application tool. You will absolutely need this to be a 100% smudge-free job, so have a Q-tip and an oil-free removing solution handy as you’re working on those perfect edges.

To ensure that the color intensity stretches out to the max, finish things off by placing a tissue lightly over the lips – it shouldn’t stick completely, just serve as a barrier – and dust them with translucent powder, to set. If you’re planning on a super-long wear session, have some clear gloss on you to give the lips a light pat in the middle for a quick recharge.

4. Go Minimal Everywhere Else

You’ve made this bold, statement-y beauty choice for a reason and, for that very reason, you should ensure that the lips are the only stars of this show. The rest of your face should look effortlessly polished, but much more subdued. Make sure the skin is perfected, but go very light on the eyes – a proper coat of mascara is basically it.