Cara Delevingne has been added to the list of model-turned-into-designer. The “it” model of the moment was noticeably absent from New York Fashion Week and it was most likely because she was busy with the launch of her new handbag line for Mulberry. We caught a glimpse of this beforehand when Mulberry uploaded a teaser video with Cara on their official Instagram account.


The line includes 3 handbags that are 3-in-1 and come in colors such as emerald and blue and also camo patterns. There’s padding and beading on the bags and can be worn as back packs as well. Aside from designing the bags, Cara has also added personal touches by adding “Made in England” on the bottom of the bag which is what she has tattooed on the bottom of her foot.

Celebrities like Alexa Chung and Lana Del Rey have had bags named after them very few have had the opportunity to actually design and be actively participating in the release of the item. Cara is among the few who actually got to try her luck out in design.

We’re hoping this isn’t the end of her designing and that she tries her luck in clothes in shoes.