One of the best parts about celebrating Christmas is the festive fashion and seasonal styles. The camp style aesthetic screams Christmas in the most festive of fashions.

Some fashionistas like to be more minimalist with their holiday styles by simply wearing red and green but incorporating the camp esthetic is fun and festive. Camp style is loud and proud which is best demonstrated by the Whos of Whoville from the classic Christmas movie “The Grinch.”

Some would describe the camp style aesthetic appeals as being over-the-top with ironic value through less than tasteful style on the border of tacky. Christmas is the perfect time to incorporate camp style decorated in the finest bows, bells, tinsel, and sparkle like a Christmas tree.

The most popular camp style staple for the holiday season is the crazy Christmas sweater that comes in a variety of styles and prints. Christmas is the perfect time for camp accessories including flashy baubles, Santa hats, and anything with lights.

For fans of costumes and Halloween, you can have the last chance to wear a costume before the end of the year. You can dress as your favorite Christmas character from a movie or story including a reindeer, elf, snowman, nutcracker, sugarplum fairy, toy, gift, or a Christmas tree.

If you’re a camp style newbie then you can start out by incorporating untraditional materials or prints in Christmas colors. Try incorporating more textured and tactile materials that you can’t wear every day including faux fluff, velvet, corduroy, shearling, or flannel.

For a more subtle camp style, you can try traditional prints including argyle, plaid, and gingham that can be easily incorporated with a majority of staple styles already in your wardrobe. If you’re looking for a truly unique print option, there are holiday-themed prints including snowflakes, holiday treats, traditional holiday Characters, and more.