It’s hard to deny that bloggers around the world are a big inspiration whether it is food, lifestyle, or fashion. Bloggers are getting recognition that wasn’t even dreamt of when blogging started out but now you can see them in high places like at the front row of fashion shows. Fashion bloggers in specific are so influential that they sometimes have more followers than celebrities and politicians often seeing numbers upwards of 500,000. Because of this, design houses and brands are incorporating them in the design of limited edition products or leading the way for fashion weeks. To see which fashion bloggers are popular at the moment, check out our list.

Christian Dior - Outside Arrivals - PFW F/W 2013

Chiara Feragni. This fashion blogger hails from Italy and has over a million followers. She is often seen wearing top designers like Burberry and Chanel on a regular basis and takes amazing photographs on her travels.


Aimee Song. Aimee is an interior decorator by day and famous fashion blogger by night. She has that Cali girl style but can get very serious especially when it comes to attending the various fashion week shows. Her following base is at 1.2 million and her numbers are only growing.


Leandra Medine. She is most notoriously known as “The Man Repeller” by her readers around the world and of the mentioned bloggers, takes fashion very seriously while accessorizing with her witty personality. Leandra is a New Yorker and is the essence of what New York street style entails. Although she’s only at half a million followers on Instagram, her book and collaborations are gaining her attention that is sure to make her one of the biggest fashion bloggers around.

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