For those of us who weren’t born blessed with a full set of thick, long lashes like Kim Kardashian, falsies are a must. They make your eyes look bigger and more awake and can look incredibly sexy when paired up with a cat eyeliner. Some girls tend to stay away, though, because most people think about a thick strip and tons of glue when applying them—not the case at all.

If you want to have sexy long lashes with the help of individual falsies, let us give you some pro tips on getting them right every time.


Curl your lashes first. It’s important to do this beforehand to see what kind of length you already have and determine where you would like to place the individual lashes.

Identify where lashes are sparse. Some areas have more lashes than others so you want to give more love to the spots where the lashes aren’t growing as much. These areas will probably need a few extra lashes so it’s good to know where you’ll be placing them.

Place a small pea-size amount of lash glue and wait for it to get tacky. The glue will be a bit watery straight from the tube so you want to wait a few seconds and then dip the lashes. It’s best to use dark colored glue as it blends in with your own and makes the roots look darker.

Start from the outer and work your way in. The longer lashes should be on the outer corner and you want to only apply lashes till about half way or ¾ of the way in. Going too close into the inner corner will look unnatural. Be sure to go back and forth from eye to eye to make sure the look similar. Wait 5 minutes after you finish the application to make sure they’re secure.

Finish off with some liner and mascara. You’ll need a bit of liner or dark eye shadow powder to cover up the roots so if you’re going for a natural look, just apply enough until you can’t notice the roots. Curl your lashes one last time and apply your favorite lengthening mascara to blend both natural and falsies together. Stay away from volumizing mascaras as they can make your falsies look clumpy.
(Cover image: ABC News/Stefanie Keenan/Copard/Getty Images)