Let’s face it ladies: sometimes lip balm just isn’t enough. You buy a different one every time you step into a drugstore or Sephora and pray that this one will be the one that will finally moisturize your lips and take them back to your baby days.

We know that feeling all too well so taking the extra step to care for your lips especially in the winter is vital for their overall well-being. A lip mask will do just the trick and you only need a few simple things:

1. Honey
2. Plastic wrap
3. Oatmeal (optional)
4. Warm cloth (optional)

Watch the video for step-by-step instructions. We suggest adding a bit of soaked and softened oatmeal for extra nourishment and a bit of exfoliation. The warm cloth is optional bit if you run it under warm water and press it against your lips prior to the mask, it’ll help soften your lips to better absorb the mask.