The deep side part is a great way to refresh a familiar look, by parting your hair an inch or so further down than usual, you’ll get a totally different look.  Favored by stars like Nicole Richie, Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Jessica Alba, Blake Lively and Kristen Stewart, the deep side part is casual, flirty and faintly resembles the Valley girl look of the 1980’s.  Another reason this look has become so popular is because, it’s one of those rare runway beauty looks that is 100% ready to wear, no modifications need. Designers like Jonathan Saunders, Phillip Lim, and Marc Jacobs have all sent their models strutting down the runway in deep side part hair do’s that look polished and chic.

How To Get The Look

Though this style is pretty easy to master, there are still a few keeps tips to consider in order to keep  your hair looking perfectly parted.

  1. Prep your hair, we recommend using L’Oreal EverCreme hair cleanser  its sulfate free so it gently cleanses and conditions at the same time. Making for one less step in the shower, plus your hair will feel silky and smooth.
  2. Towel dry your hair and apply a leave-in heat and humidity protectant cream. This will help ensure your hair doesn’t succumb to frizz or damage from the styling process or environment.
  3. (If you plan on going au natural with your hair then skip this step). Blow dry your hair whilst its parted on the opposite side from where you intend on leaving your part. This may sounds silly but it will add volume and lift once you finally part your hair in the correct place.
  4. After drying, switch your part over to the correct side and set with a flexible hold hairspray
  5. Spray on a shine mist to keep your locks looking healthy and polished.

(If you opt not to blow dry your hair and want to rock the deep side part with beachy waves, than replace the shine mist for your favorite sea salt spray)