Put your best foot forward this Spring 2014 with shoes full of color and personalities of their own. The runways for this season showed us lots of eclectic styled shoes and funky patterns so it’s all about being unique when it comes to your own style and footwear preference. In ode to this season’s colorful shoes on the runway, we have a perfect DIY gemstone heels that you can do at home and personalize however you’d like.


You’ll need the following items for this DIY:

1. Black heels. They don’t need to be new, just plain.
2. Colorful gemstones.
3. E6000 glue.
4. Tweezers

The steps are very simple as you’ll need to just place the gemstones wherever you fancy. Use different shape sizes to make it look fun instead of going for one uniform size. After you’ve finished gluing them on, let dry over night to secure them in place.