Spring break 2015 is near and if you’re going somewhere warm, you’ve got a lot of packing to do. Your clothes, shoes, passport—you have it all figured out. But when it comes to your beauty items, did you over-pack, by any chance? We tend to want to take everything with us when it’s a lot easier to pack double-duty items and essentials.

If you’re going on vacay and need to narrow down your beauty products or don’t know what to pack, here’s a list that will make your beauty routine while on break a whole lot easier:

SPF 30 and up– You already know how damaging the sun is to your skin (we won’t lecture you) so find a good SPF of 30 and up that can be applied to your face and body.

Cleansing oil– If you’re going to be wearing makeup, cleansing oil is a lifesaver. It gets all makeup off (especially waterproof) easily without tugging on your skin.

Dry shampoo– Let’s be honest here: you’re not going to wash your hair as often as you’d like (thank the margaritas) so take dry shampoo to freshen up those beachy locks.

Body lotion– After being in the sun, your skin is going to crave moisture. Take an aloe vera body lotion to soothe and moisturize your skin.
BB cream- Going on vacation is all about being relaxed and your makeup should be the same. A BB cream will give you just enough coverage while protecting it from the sun.

Waterproof mascara– If you’re going to be wearing mascara, waterproof is the way to go. You don’t want to have panda eyes in pictures so buy one if it’s not in your beauty arsenal already.

Makeup palette– Instead of carrying with everything you use on your face, look for a palette that already includes mini versions. It’ll save you space and you won’t feel as heartbroken if you leave something behind at the hotel.

1 nail polish and nail polish remover wipes– The last thing you want to do on your trip is having to do your nails constantly. Choose one color and take the nail polish for touch-ups.

Razors– Stubble doesn’t look pretty so take your favorite razor for when your legs start feeling prickly.

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