Green eyes are usually referred to as Irish eyes and are incredibly beautiful. They come in various shades of green and can have hints of blue, yellow, and even orange making them fascinating to look at in direct sunlight. But just like every other eye color out there, there are makeup colors that will make green eyes pop out more as opposed to other eye colors. If you’re a green-eyed girl, make sure to take down some tips.

1. Black eye shadow or pencil. This dark color makes every eye color pop except its own so if you’re not a big fan of color, black is always a good option.
2. Purples, berries, and plums. These purples hues are opposite to green on the color scheme so this is sure to make your green eyes the center of attention.
3. Coppers or brown with reddish undertones. Anything with a red undertone will make green eyes pop so for you ladies that want an eye look that isn’t very distracting, these colors will are the best.

For an easy green eye makeup tutorial, check out the video.