The top knot is usually a go to for every woman that has hair long enough to put up in one. It’s easy, takes no time, and can be done without a mirror if need be. Although top knots are usually done as a way to get hair out of your face when you’re at a Pilates class or even shopping, it can be done in a way that is elegant perfect for a formal event.


To style the perfect top knot in under 10 minutes you’ll need the following items:

1. A strong hair tie and a smaller one to secure a braid
2. A few bobby pins
3. Hairspray

Put your hair in a secure ponytail at your desired height and brush all baby hairs back with the help of some hairspray. Once that is done, braid your hair in one single braid and secure it with the smaller elastic. Wrap the braid around and secure it with however many bobby pins you need. Re-check your hair for any rebel hairs sticking out and brush them back.