Whenever date night comes to mind, you can’t help but think about your appearance because you want to wow your significant other (or soon to be). The perfect look is completely up to whatever settings you’ll be at but one thing you can always go-to in terms of hair is sleek and sexy. It may be a bit time consuming but there aren’t many steps and you could do it blindfolded if you’re a pro. This hair will guarantee to look good with any outfit at any date spot.


For sexy, sleek hair, follow these steps:

1. Heat protectant. This will prevent your hair from burning or drying out from high heat temperatures.
2. Blow dry your hair. Do so in down motion so that the hair dries straight. Use a straightening nozzle for better results.
3. Glossing cream. Add a pea size amount only to your ends for health looking hair.
4. For even sleeker hair, use a flat iron. Straight iron as close to the root as possible to prevent crimping.
5. Shine spray. You can also use a touch of hair oil but do apply lightly for the perfect amount of shine.

Check out the video to see a tutorial!