Everyone loves fashion, and everyone loves hacks… right? Every day clothing problems can be annoying, especially if you think you can’t fix the problem! Here’s some easy hacks to fixing simple everyday problems you never knew could be so simple!

Are you tired of getting deodorant stains on your shirt? If you have a common problem of white noticeable deodorant marks, you can simply get rid of the stain by taking a dryer sheet and rub your sure until it’s gone. It goes away quicker than ever and will look like it was never there!

When you’re wearing your favorite pair of shoes but tend to get red blisters behind your ankle, it can be painful and problematic. But by using an antiperspirant like deodorant on your blister and all around the top of your shoe, you can easily get rid of the problem and prevent future damage to your foot.

Do you have a wire poking out of your bra? Not only is it painful, but it can also be noticeable through a shirt. You can simply get rid of the problem by cutting out moleskin and adhering it to the middle of your bra so that the wire stays in place!

Everyone knows that pilling pants are the worst. Whether it’s your work pants or your go to work out leggings, it’s noticeable and annoying! But you can shave off the extra fabric just like the hair on your legs by taking a razor for a new looking pair of pants.

Finally, do you always have to worry about your shorts or skirts riding up your waist? Hairspray can easily solve the problem if you spray it on your legs so that your garment stays in place. Talk about awesome hacks with awesome results!