This fall seems to be all about adding new and bright colors into the generally dark color fall color pallet, for example we saw bright fall pastels, pop of color pumps and fun fall florals. Now even fall manicure trends are dabbling with playful hues, thus the popularity of the trendy and zany color splash manicure. When it comes to the color splash manicure you can definitely categorize it as a statement nail trend. No matter what color you choose you are sure to get both noticed and complimented. This trend has tons of variations to offer, for example you could opt for totally random color splashes, geometric diagonal splashes or even rounded polkadot-like splashes.

While you can always head off to the salon to have your nails done, you can also try your hand at a very doable DIY version of this look. Below we have a little guide to the quick and easy color splash manicure that’s a cinch to apply and totally chic to wear.

Color Splash Manicure How-To
1. First trim, file and prep your nails as you usually would for a DIY manicure.

2. Then paint your nails with two coats of your base color, for the sake of example let’s say you opt for white. Now allow your white base coats to dry COMPLETELY.

3. Now, pick out your complimentary color, for example let’s say electric blue. Now place a little drop of electric blue polish onto a paper plate, wax paper or any other nonabsorbent surface.

4. Now take a coffee stirrer size straw and dap it into the dot of polish you’ve just made.

5. Next position the paint dipped end of the straw over your dry white nail and lightly blow on the clean end of the straw to create a abstract splash-like pattern on your nail.

6. Once you’ve color splashed your nails, use a cotton swab dipped in acetone to clean off your cuticles or better yet a micro-makeup brush.

7. Now, apply a clear top coat and voila! Your color splash manicure is done.

*This trends looks fantastic with a blend of colors, so opt for 2-3 complementing colors and repeat steps 3-5 for an even more colorful and vibrant look.