(Photo Source: Instagram)

Courtney Cox inspires daughter with a dress from the 90s

Courtney Cox, known for her iconic role in the much-loved sitcom Friends, was a big part of 90s fashion. And while she doesn’t consider herself one to hold onto things, there is a dress she is very glad she kept.

Courteney was married to David Arquette for over a decade and has a daughter, Coco Arquette, with him. Coco recently turned 15, and her famous mom took to Instagram to share a snapshot of her daughter in an unexpected piece. In the image, we saw Coco wearing the same dress Courteney wore for her July 1998 Snake Eyes premiere, side by side with ex Arquette. 21 years later, it looks as good–and as fitting–as ever when worn by Coco.

Even her old costar Lisa Kudrow commented on the dress, seemingly struck by the close resemblance of mother and daughter, side by side.

Courteney has recently opened up about the relationship she shares with her daughter, discussing what it’s like to raise a teenager. She has noted that while they do occasionally fight (like most mothers and teenage daughters), they are very close.