(Photo Credit: Louis Vuitton/WWD)

Louis Vuitton cafe coming to Osaka boutique

Joining the club of several existing fashion fusion eateries, where high-end design brands have ventured into the realm of hospitality, is Louis Vuitton. In the attempt to mesh the two indulgences into one successful venture, the luxury brand is set to open the doors of Le Café V, located on the top floor their new four-level Osaka boutique.

The menu at the label’s first café and restaurant will be designed by a renowned Japanese chef, Yosuke Suga. The sure-to-be a place brimming with seductive opulence, space, as reported by WWD, will have an adjoining bar and a vastly sized terrace. The lucky few will be able to enjoy their dinner in an open-kitchen vibe setting of Sugalabo V next to the bar, mirroring the Tokyo branch of Sugalabo – one of the world’s most prestigious eateries.

The venue is in a new building by architect Jun Aoki, set to open on February 1, while the restaurants will commence their service on February 15.

The brand enlisted the expertise of Tokujin Yoshioka, designer extraordinaire behind its Objets Nomades of home and travel objects, to create the charger plate inspired by its recognizable monogram, which, according to Vuitton, inspired the restaurant’s tableware.

Michael Burke, chairman and chief executive officer of Vuitton, signaled that this type of business expansion is going to be a natural progression for LVMH, with more eateries and hotels in its future.

As consumers are pouring more and more into luxury experiences such as fine dining and deluxe travel, the mega-brand is gearing up to ensure that they have taken up a solid piece of the market, that’s bound to continue to flourish.

“We think the so-called experiential luxury is something that will be important in the future,” Jean-Jacques Guiony, the chief financial officer of LVMH told WWD, right after the brand acquired Belmond Ltd., which operates a group of 46 luxury hotel, restaurant, train and river cruise properties in 24 countries.

In addition, LVMH is set to reopen the Dior flagship on the store on Paris’s Avenue Montaigne, which is set to feature a restaurant after the current renovations have been completed. A bite at Tiffany’s Blue Box Café on Fifth Avenue is now also something that the mega-conglomerate counts as their own offering since they acquired Tiffany & Co. for around $16 billion in late 2019.