Camel is one of the most trending colors this season along with winter white. There’s just something about it that makes any outfit look chic and refined. It can be worn a few different ways but it can be a tricky color to style if camel isn’t really a color you’re familiar with. Generally, this color should be paired up with colors that are similar to it like beige and taupe browns but can also go with classic winter colors like burgundy, black, and even winter white.

One of the easiest ways to camel is wearing a camel colored oversized sweater. You can throw on some black skinny jeans and black oxfords for a chic day time look. If you want to wear it at night, wear black leather skinny jeans or a leather skirt with some trendy black lace booties and you’re ready for happy hour or dinner with your friends.

Along with these tips and the videos you’ll be an expert on how to wear camel this winter. It’s a great color that will warm up any look so don’t be afraid to try it out this season.