For those of us that went ahead and chopped off our long locks to keep up with the Bob hair trend, hairstyles are limited. Sure, it looks incredibly chic and cool but there are some days that we wake up wishing there was more to life than the same short hair style every day.

If you’re one of the girls that also chopped off those luscious locks, we’ve got a few hairstyles that will make you forget your longer hair. They go from glam, to romantic, to sexy so they’re perfect for a date night out with your special someone.

To get any easy glam hairstyle for bob or shoulder length hair, try out this tutorial.


You’ll need the following:

1. Keratin leave-in spray
2. Mousse
3. Blow-dryer
4. Curling wand
5. Pins
6. Hair oil

Now, follow these steps:

Step 1. Spritz your hair with the keratin spray. Make sure you spray enough until the hair becomes slightly dampened.

Step 2. Run about a handful of mousse throughout your whole hair.

Step 3. Part your hair in a deep-sided part and blow-dry the hair completely.

Step 4. With the curling iron, curl 2” inch sections all over the head and pin the curls down with pins. Wait 15 minutes.

Step 5. Brush the hair out a bit and pin the hair with the smaller part behind your ear. Apply a bit of hair oil for extra shine.

Try out this hairstyle for something new and exciting to do to your short hair. If you want an additional 2 hairstyles, check out the video!


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