Spice Girls Will Always Remain Fashion Icons

For years, the Spice Girls were a pop phenomenon unrivaled by any other group of female singers. Their music is well known by most, and even twenty years later, we are still seeing their domino effect in places like the fashion industry and pop culture.

They were well known for their bold fashion choices, from platform shoes (sneakers and boots included) to little black dresses to candy as an accessory. These choices blew to fame in 1997, but even in 2019 we are seeing fashion items in wildly popular stores (like Target’s new platform shoes), influenced by the Spices Girls’ fame.

Other items we have seen influenced by the girl gang’s style are things like animal print (Scary Spice’s go to) to feminism stables like the two-piece suits we frequently see on supermodels and Hillary Clinton. Even better? They typically matched, embodying an even stronger sense of style, friendship, and girl power.

We may be living over twenty years in the future from the height of the Spice Girls’ fame, but their style and pop culture influence lives on in their bold fashion choices, popular Spice Girl-themed collectible Barbies, and even the popular monochromatic outfits we see in places like Target and Forever 21.

For more information on how this group of empowered women has affected fashion and pop culture all the way to 2019, check out the video above.