Saoirse Ronan of The Lovely Bones fame shares that she believes the corsets she was required to wear for her work on ‘Queen of Scots’. The 24-year-old Irish actress says that her whole body shape changed after having to wear a corset for the entirety of the movie.

“When you’ve been wearing them like we did for months, you take them off at the end of the job and your shape has changed,” she shares. Apparently, Ronan still had curves that she didn’t have before the film shooting even a month after it ended.

“I didn’t have any curves before, and then I took it off and for about a month I was like ‘Aw, look at that! A little hourglass!” Ronan says.

In addition to this, she also shares, “It’s squashing your insides! And we’d have it on for 12 hours a day and it’s tight! Corsets are tight. So yeah, it actually does change your shape for a little bit.”

When asked about her advice to anything who is wearing (or wants to wear) a corset, the actress says, “Don’t wear them. Don’t do it. Stay in school. Don’t do corsets.”