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Happy Birthday Coco Chanel!

Today just happens to be the birthday of the late iconic French designer Coco Chanel. We celebrate the French designer that created the French fashion aesthetic with these styling tips to add a touch of refined French style.

Chanel liked the minimalist style and always believed that less is more saying that she would remove one piece of jewelry before leaving the house for a more refined look. Chanel believed that initially, you’ll choose too many jewelry pieces when getting dress, and removing one piece will bring more attention to the other pieces you’re wearing.

Chanel is known for sticking to neutral colors that are versatile with any wardrobe utilizing black, white, and navy for everyday wear. In nearly every collection feature by Chanel, you can always find these colors that work well in casual and formal wear that you can incorporate in your daily style.

Nothing screams Chanel style than a string of long pearls. In nearly every photograph of the designer icon, she wears a string of pearls in every length but a longer necklace is more versatile for draping in different styles. If you don’t have the clams to shell out for a real string of pearls, you can get easy faux options that you can get from an accessory store.

Another well-known accessory favored by Chanel was a simple broach that she would wear on her jackets and hats. In nearly every photograph, you can catch Chanel sporting a nice broach typically incorporating white stones.

In the late 1800s, people believed that having pale skin was more elegant but Chanel made having sunkissed skin all the rage. Chanel would frequently vacation on the coast of France that have her naturally sunkissed skin but you can opt to use a bronzing moisturizer to have a tan complexion without having to spend more time in the sun.