(Photo Credit: the-mirror-project.org)

The Project Spreading The Meaning Of Self-Love

A mirror is a simple reflection of yourself. But for many, a mirror reflects and highlights flaws in a person, more so than the beautiful and unique person that may be standing before it. Entrepreneur Jessica Stillman is hoping to change all of that and have a little style while doing it.

With the rise of Photoshop and the societal pressures and emphasis on perfection, it can really take a toll on the self-image of not only the youth but also adults in the world today. Enter The Mirror Project.

As a school teacher, Jessica Started The Mirror Project as a way to empower and create positive self-talk for the students in her classes. As a previous competitive dancer, Jessica is no stranger to staring in the mirror all day and pointing out flaws. She wanted better for her students and the world.

The Mirror Project features colorful t-shirts and tank tops with inspiring messages such as enough, strong, and worthy. Written backward on the shirt, when looking in the mirror or taking a selfie, the words make sense and can instantly share an empowering message and inspiring positive self talk to wearers and all those nearby.