We’ve got an adorable and super easy DIY that anybody can do and that doesn’t require that much skill: a lace bib collar necklace. Bib collar necklaces have been trendy for a while and are a really fun way to accessorize your look with one simple piece. There are a lot dresses everywhere now that have one already built in to give the dress or top a more proper look but making your own is a lot easier and cheaper if you like getting craftsy every once in a while.

To make a lace bib collar necklace, you’ll only need these 2 things:

1. Doily

2. Ribbon

3. Scissors

Cut around the rim of the doily. Be sure to be careful and cut right about where the rim is because the ribbon will go in the very top holes of the doily. Next, cut out 2 equal pieces and start going in and out of the doily with your ribbon (you’ll need a long piece, around a foot long). And voila! You have an adorable lace bib collar necklace that you can wear with any look.

Feel free to try out different color combinations with doily and ribbons for a fun bib collar. You can even add jewels and color the doily so experiment with whatever you’ve got! We like wearing them with collard shirts or even underneath a black or blue blazer with a simple white top. To see a tutorial, check out the video.