New Adidas Sneaker Collection Called Donald Glover Presents

Celebrity shoe deals are all the rage these days. Kanye West and his Yeezys, Travis Scott and his Jordan IVs, and now Donald Glover is teaming up with Adidas to bring his own unique twist on the classic Adidas shoe.

Donald Glover AKA “Childish Gambino” is known for his artistic style, not only as an actor and artist but also for his distinctive fashion sense while doing his own thing. So it’s only natural that he would team up with Adidas, who has always been in touch with the music scene since the days of Run DMC, to bring his own flair to the already iconic sneaker brand. “I wanted people to think about how their stories could be told on their feet,” says Glover. The result- Donald Glover Presents.

To help promote his new partnership with Adidas, Glover released five short comedy ads on YouTube. Avocado, Timber, Dusty, Polenta, and 1985, each features a surprising cameo, illustrating the unique style of the sneakers. Some lucky fans even received a pair of the unreleased sneaker following his performance at the Coachella Music Festival in April.

To hear more about Donald Glover Presents and his new Adidas sneaker line releasing soon, click the link below.