New York city street style has got to be one of the most talked about, and duplicated, styles around the world. The city that never sleeps is home to many different styles but most notably it’s about the uptown girl vs. the downtown girl. While the uptown girl tends to be more proper and loves structures and silhouettes, the downtown girl prefers a more relaxed take on style that usually involves loose tops and high-waisted shorts.If you want an easy downtown NYC street style look, keep in mind the following:downtownIf it’s slouchy and loose, it is downtown approved. A downtown girl prefers comfort over everything and very rarely will you see any tightfitting pieces in the area. Crop tops, oversized t shirts, and plain solid colored t-shirts are a must so keep these on hand for an everyday look.Black booties. We’re not sure why or when this shoe got so popular but black booties are a staple. It’s a comfortable shoe and easy to wear so we’re not asking any questions.Anything with a little bit of edge completes the look. Sometimes downtown style can be a bit too normcore for the liking of some girls add a statement piece that will really capture everyone’s attention. It could be a graphic t-shirt or a 90’s style choker so get creative.When in doubt, throw a black leather moto jacket on top. Another edge factor that instantly ups your cool points to 100 is a leather jacket. It’s a staple in pretty much any girl’s wardrobe so if you’re not completely sure what that missing piece is, this will probably do the trick.If you want to see street style from not only NYC but the different boroughs, check the videos.(Cover image: Refinery 29)