(Photo Source: beldora.com)

Actress unveils her best beauty secret that’s surprisingly simple

Jennifer Garner, actress, model, and spokeswoman for companies like Neutrogena and Capital One, has revealed the one nighttime beauty trick she never skips. She was also honored as People Magazine’s 2019 Most Beautiful Person, so tricks like these are greatly anticipated.

And the one tip she shares is one you may be doing already, or one you didn’t think was as important as it is.

Jennifer Garner recently shared that the one thing she does every night is to completely remove her makeup. She has noted that she does this “religiously,” never skipping a single day. As a spokesperson for Neutrogena, she pays close attention to her skincare routine, and the building block for a good evening routine is to take off what’s left of the day.

In addition to the removal of makeup, Garner consistently wears sunscreen, stating that it makes “everything” look better. Sunscreen has long been noted to be an important beauty tool, helping the skin stay protected from the sun and maintain its youth. Jennifer’s product of choice is Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer 100 SPF, which she claims goes on well under makeup.