You don’t have to go dropping thousands of dollars on clothing just so it looks were expensive, there are a few ways to actually make your outfit look more expensive even if you only spent 50 bucks! Here are the top items that will make your outfit look way more pricey without having to make a damper on your wallet!

First off, adding gold accessories. Did you know that wearing gold jewelry whether it is real or not can add to any outfit? Whether it’s a gold ring, pair of earrings, or a bracelet, your outfit will instantly look more expensive and more fancier than it was.

The next thing that will seriously up your fashion image is steaming all of your clothing before you wear it. Ironing your clothing takes out the wrinkles and gives the clothing a more sophisticated appearance. Neat and clean always looks more expensive!

We never really realize that our clothing starts to look a little worn down if we tend to wear a lot. Making sure you clean up your clothing, whether it’s shining up your shoes or getting rid of that grime on your jewelry, or cutting loose threads that maybe hanging from your outfit – you’re clothing is guaranteed to look newer if you take care of it!

And last but not least, paying attention to the details in your hair and makeup can truly make a difference. Your whole look doesn’t always have to do with just your clothing… if you make sure that it looks like you spent a good amount of time perfecting your makeup and hair, you could really appear more expensive and refined.