We’ve seen plenty of hair trends over the past few years, and plenty of colorful ones at that. Colored hair is not a staple fashion, despite how long it takes to create and how quickly it fades. Perhaps it was the influx of celebrities dying their hair bright colors, or just the ridiculous amount of it on Instagram, that has caused the colored hair trend to last so long.

The latest hair trend is just a little bit more colorful, and a lot harder to get. Enter rainbow colored roots….yes, it’s just as it sounds. Instead ofyour roots being a natural color or blended with your hair color, rainbow roots bring some over the top color. Not just rainbow roots, but colored roots in general seem to be taking over the hair world. If a rainbow is too much for you, you can always go for a simple single colored root. We must say, some of them look beautiful, others seem to be a little much. From pastel rainbows to full-on bright ones, this hair color trend seems to be in full swing!