In a fashion show in the city of Istanbul, a stray cat strutted its way onto the runway. The cat was seen lying, rolling, standing on its toes and clinging at models on the runway. The cat which has a black and white color pattern perpetually made it difficult for models to walk majestically on the runway. Some models had to jump over the cat in some cases. The multi-colored cat dived at the trousers/gowns of the models as they walk down the runway. The models had to be very careful so as to be able to present a good walk. The cat stole the show and caused many problems to the models to the displeasure of the organizers, models, and viewers.

But why are there so many cats in Istanbul? Why can’t they drive away the cat? One might want to ask. It’s because of the revered nature of cats in Istanbul. Istanbul which is also known as “a place of cat” due to the special care and recognition it’s always given. Many at times, you see people keeping foods and water in bowls to feed stray cats either wild or domesticated. The beautiful capital of Turkey is overflowing with pampered and majestic cats who roam at free will and are accorded with respect and given their needs.

It’s then no surprise that the cat that decided to disturb on the runway was not given a harsh treatment. It was not even chased away. In Istanbul, I can imagine how other animals would be jealous most especially man’s best friend, “dog”. Anyway, the fashion show held in spite of the drama created by the cat on the runway and it was a glorious occasion. One might be forgiven to think that the ease at which a model could ignore a cat could contribute to her success in the overall rating.

Conclusively, this comes to mind. Maybe they are all of the consensuses that giving cats freedom at any cost is part of their culture. Or maybe it’s due to their Islamic background, one simply cannot tell. But one thing is certain, never offend a cat in Istanbul.