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From Bullied School Girl To Super Model

Actress and model Elle Fanning has always had a fashion style all her own. Her unique style and flair make her a fashion icon but, that hasn’t always been the case.

Elle Fanning has starred in many box office hits such as I am Sam and Maleficent since the start of her successful career as a model and actress in 2001. But as a high school student, Elle talks to British Vogue about the ridicule she received for her style growing up.

Elle would always be trying new ideas and styles at school, much to the disapproval of her peers. But her same pioneering back then would make her unique style what it is today.

These days, Elle is a cover model who has launched clothing lines for Miuccia Prada and alike. When asked to launch the newest line for Prada, it was an automatic YES from Elle. The style and vibe of the brand as well as the adventure it brings is something that Elle is always looking for.

In line with her quirky style, Elle has recently become the face of Miu Miu’s newest fragrance line, Twist. She remarked how working with Miu Miu was reminiscent of her high school days, experimenting with fashion.