(Photo Source: KEERently.com)

Staying ‘KERRent’ on style trends

It’s not hard to see that the fashion landscape is changing unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade. From the emergence of those taking a stance against the fashion community and its effect on the environment to the ever-popular fashion bloggers who have stepped into the light through platforms like Instagram and risen to high popularity. And that’s almost exactly what happened to Courtney Kerr.

Originally recognized for her great sense of style while starring on the show Bravo’s “Most Eligible Dallas,” Courtney frequently received compliments online from fans of her attire. Whether reaching out via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, fans seemed eager to track down her clothing, even going so far as to receive messages like, “Where did you get the dress you were wearing in episode 3, minute 26?”

After discussing the idea with a friend, Amber Venz, who launched an incredibly successful website known as rewardStyle and encouraged her to launch a blog of her own, Courtney kicked it off. She chose to name her blog KERRently, a playoff her last name and hasn’t looked back since. Since then, she has been sharing shopping tips for items including clothing, home, lifestyle, and more.