2020 is going to be fashion-forward with these trends

As the year comes to a close we say goodbye to all the fashion trends of 2019 and start looking to what’s going to be trending in 2020. Celebrate the new year early with the 2020 top trend forecast.

Puffy Sleeves
This fashion trend was quite popular in the 70s and 80s but is bound for a comeback in 2020. Many celebs rocked puffy sleeves on the red carpet this year making it a fashion-forward option for the new year. Puffy sleeves are also a nice option for someone who wants to change up their standard silhouette shape.


(Photo Source: stylist.co.uk)

The material once exclusive to outerwear is now available in almost any piece imaginable. With vegan fashion on the rise, there is more access to brands featuring vegan leather than ever before. Leather also comes in a variety of colors and textures to suit any occasion.

Deconstructed Suits

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Women dominated in suits this year and are such an iconic statement style that there is bound to be more in 2020. Most people have a suit in the closet and can upgrade the suit style with unique options such as going for a sheer shirt with bra or bandeau underneath for an edgy way to style a suit.

The 1970s Revival
The swinging 70s was a time of unique color, print, and material combos which is bound for a revival in 2020. Prints are coming back in full force and 2020 will also be inspired by design elements commonly seen in the 70s including flared hemlines, wide lapels, and double-breasted styles.

Bell bottoms are also projected to be making a huge statement in 2020 along with crocheted pieces that pay homage to hippie fashion. Another big trend inspired by the 70s is the ‘disco collar’ that is a wider, triangle-shaped color.


(Photo Source: elle.com)

This shoe style is predicted to be a big player in styling outfits for any occasion, great for business or casual options. The fashion forecast shows signs of unique loafer variations including sleek and chunky style options, truly transforming the uniform loafer for a fashion game-changer.

Stripes Galore
One of the big trends predicted for 2020 is stripes and lines of all kinds. Vertical lines are sure to flatter any body type and are great to wear for any occasion.

Hot Pants


It’s going to heat up in 2020, especially when it comes to pants. Hot pants are popping up on the runway with many ways to style them. Gigi Hadid modeled black hot pants for Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2020 show at Paris Fashion Week.