Would you get your body scanned in the name of fashion? Well, to have clothing made especially for your body type, anyway. Many fashion-based companies are turning to better and newer technology to help drive sales and to learn their customers better. One boutique owner, in particular, is using technology to change the way business women buy their clothing.

At Hong Kong-based womenswear boutique Isabella Wren, 3-D body scanners and proprietary algorithms allow customers to order perfectly fitting bespoke garments. That means there are no trips to the tailor involved. The whole process starts with giving your measurements to the boutique. In the boutique space, there is a booth that customers step into and that is where the 3-D body scanner is located. Once the measurements are gathered and in the system, clients can then choose the rest online. Everything from customization to ordering is then done easily, and could be done from the confines of the client’s couch.

What’s the limiting aspect of the business? Not too many customers have digital files as it would require them to come into the shop to get their body scanned. This is where technology only goes so far; it requires others to keep up with your chosen technology. This small boutique in Hong Kong isn’t the only company interested in this concept of made-to-order clothing. Amazon is also looking into doing this sort of personalized clothing sales in the future, and we all know the retail and commerce giant is capable of finding and accessing the best of the best.