Ever wondered what cool gadget you could get for the women close to you? This article will give you a ton of options to choose from. From a mini-computer, you can fit on your wrist, to wireless earphones, and to a portable printing dock, this article explores the latest tech gifts you can gift a lady.

The Apple Watch
A smartwatch is a mini-computer in form of a wristwatch with a touchscreen interface suitable for integration with other gadgets such as a smartphone or a headset. The apple watch is a type of smartwatch created by the tech giant Apple.

While it relies on a connected iPhone for full functionality, the latest versions are able to function in its own capacity. A smartwatch is a two-in-one gadget as it is fashionable and at the same time offers a wide range of functions and is a perfect gift you can get for a woman.

The AirPod
The AirPod is a wireless earbud developed by apple which eliminates the problem of tangled earphone wires and can be used when fully charged for 24 hours. Any music loving woman would find this exciting as it is aesthetically pleasing and is an upgrade from the normally wired earbuds.

Phone Photo Printer
We all love to take pictures of important moments and people and a portable direct phone photo printer is a particularly useful gift you can get for that woman who loves taking pictures.

Key and Wallet Tracker
Is she always losing her keys or wallet? If so, then this gift is the perfect solution, enabled with a GPS tracker, it can be easily attached to keys and purses.

The Dock Wireless Charger
A wireless charging pod which is also fashionable as an interior decor.