Robert Pattinson definitely turned heads during his attendance at the Paris Fashion Week last Friday, albeit for reasons the actor probably didn’t expect nor want.

Pattinson’s fashion choice was indeed strange, with his brown turtleneck top, dark brown leather biker jacket, and a massive brown coat that draped over the Twilight actor’s shoulders. He matched this with a pair of brown trousers and dark brown leather boots.

To add to this, Pattinson also wore his hair in a very greasy-looking middle part that didn’t help his outfit at all.

According to Business Insider, many spectators viewed the heartthrob Robert Pattinson as something akin to a Jedi Knight. Others thought he looked like a Les Miserables character. Some of the worse comments, though, compared Pattinson to a “deranged killer” for his choice of outfit.

Thankfully for the star, not everyone hated the look. Some were a bit kinder with the comments, saying that he “looked fierce.” Robert Pattinson attended as one the faces of Dior Homme.