Fashion sharks come when you least expect them. Everyone loves Fendi for the bold and chic pieces they have to offer. If you have a passion for fashion maybe especially high-end fashion, here is some of the biggest news of the season that will surprise everyone! Fendi has a new shawl-scarf out on the market… that will either make or break their business, to say the least.

The new Fendi scarf is called “The Touch Of Fur.” The Internet is going crazy because the scarf closely resembles a part of a woman’s anatomy. Nobody knows whether it is on purpose or not since not many high-end brands have been known to do more provocative style clothing. Some people think that they did not know their scarf could have different intentions and some even say the scarf looks as if you’re being reborn, and it definitely has people shocked in the couture world.

The scarf retails for about $990 and comes in the colors of pink, blue, and burgundy so far. The scarf also has a very flowy and feathery look to it. Fendi supporters are just hoping there aren’t any boycotts started over the new scarf.

Would you dare to rock “The Touch Of Fur” scarf?