Fashion now has ways to help make life easier and actually save lives. With the invention of E-vone shoes, your grandparents or older relatives can live a more free and comfortable life. The collection has twenty-six comfy sneakers in store in various designs and shapes with sensors that help alert emergency contact when someone slips and falls.

The sensors fixed in the shoes send an alert to the wearer’s family member or loved one to alert them. The sensors are fixed in the sole of the shoes consisting of accelerometer, gyroscope and pressure system.

The shoes work when the alarm notices an unusual movement leading to a fall, it buzzes to alert the wearer on the genuineness of the fall, if it gets no response, it then sends a call to the wearer’s support(family member or medical personnel) which has been previously linked to the sensor, after this it buzzes again to assure the wearer that the message has been delivered.

The shoes are made by a company based out of France named Evone which solely made the shoes for older adults and construction workers to help make life easier. These shoes would assure the old adults of independence.

They can be left alone to do what they want while it helps construction workers as a safety guard. These shoes do not come cheap as its sales for the price of $150 with a monthly subscription fee of $20, although it could be leased for $30 per month.

The shoes were made by Cholet and Nantes who have about 90 years experience in shoe making. The design of the shoes was inspired by animals, energy and makeup. The makers hope to expand to the US and overseas in the future.