Of course belts have inundated every facet of fashion, dresses, pants, tunics and much more. 2012 is no different, this year belt are making their way into flattering swimwear.  These waist cinching belts add interest and uniqueness to the everyday one piece.  This year belted swimwear has been making a splash at the runway shows of Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors and Alexander McQueen. The belted bathing suit is perfect for relaxed resort vacations or making an entrance at your neighborhood pool party.

This swimwear trend is perfect for women who have boxy or boyish figures. The belted look will highlight your waist and define your curves.  Pairing a solid back one piece and bright colored belt is the perfect way to create the appearance of an hour glass figure. The belted look is great for curvy women as well. With a strategically chosen wide belt, you can flaunt your killer curves while hiding any tummy imperfections you may have, making this trend not only stylish but multifunctional as well. With endless belt/swimsuit combos, this trend is one of the most versatile fads we’ve seen in swimwear this year.


Try The Trend Tips

Ready to rock the belted swimsuit during your next beach outing? Well, here are a few tips to help you pick out the perfect belted swimwear look.

Make sure the belt is not too tight; this will just cut your body in half and cause some unflattering muffin top action. Instead look for a thin belt the drapes over your hips, this will bring attention to your waistline without squeezing your body into an awkward shape.

Try the wide belted look; this is the optimal way to flaunt an hour glass figure. The wide belt should be more fitted and sit right at the waist line, again making sure it’s not overly tight.

If you’re worried about swimming with a belt on, then you can always look for a swimsuit that has a belted look in the print. This will help you achieve the flattering belted style without having to worry about removing it before taking a refreshing plunge into the water.